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Giselle Roux


Giselle Roux is one of Australia's most well-known and highly regarded investment strategists, having held the role of Chief Investment Officer at both Escala Partners and JB Were. She has also held a number of senior equities analyst and investment banking roles including with Citigroup, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and McIntosh Securities. Giselle is a host of Inside Network events, a member of the Advisory Committee and regular contributor to the Inside Adviser and Investor publications.

Giselle Roux results

Back to school – who gets the best grades?

Assume you are the global portfolio manager of the Sector Hindsight Fund. This allows you to make decisions with knowledge about equity sector performance with hindsight, but not stocks within the sectors. The pedantic client base would expect you to show risk management as well, therefore a single sector is not on. Beating the global…

Giselle Roux | 5th Oct 2020 | More
Precise Risk in Imprecise Markets

There are probably few things more certain to glaze the eyes of investors than discussing risk-adjusted returns or efficient frontiers, never mind Sharpe ratios and the like. To be transparent, how many within the industry really focus on these statistics when creating a portfolio? As the momentum shifts away from 60/40 portfolios, the traditional volatility…

Giselle Roux | 24th Sep 2020 | More
Get your income fix

Listed infrastructure represents what is both great and frustrating in investment funds. The domain is largely captured by private investors and their representatives, as institutional pension funds prefer the benign pricing that unlisted assets offer. Infrastructure is arguably the equity market’s expression of economic growth, interest rates and inflation in perfect unison. Aggregate revenue across…

Giselle Roux | 17th Sep 2020 | More
The failure of fancy strategies

While one can fret about the relative performance of equity and fixed income funds, the frustration with those that have underperformed is directed at their evident style bias.

Giselle Roux | 7th Sep 2020 | More
Private space to public face

Though no longer a new theme, non-bank lending requires a refresher. Everyone is by now aware of the limitations of bank finance and therefore the provision of alternative capital. The reality of this shift in credit to the private sector is that investors will wear the losses that banks used to do, but with a…

Giselle Roux | 3rd Sep 2020 | More
  • The FAANGs of fixed interest

    Consider the process by which a security or investment is priced. Separately, if it has similar fundamental underpinnings to the core part of portfolio, typically listed equity.

    Giselle Roux | 25th Aug 2020 | More
    Gaps in ESG investing

    Most fund managers or asset owners you may question to about ESG have probably stated that they are a signatory of the UN PRI at the very beginning of the conversation. Most likely, this would be mentioned as evidence of their broader commitment to ESG investing.

    Giselle Roux | 19th Aug 2020 | More
    Inflation: From simmering to a boil

    Inflation is an age demographic phenomenon; ask anyone with a vintage pre 1980s’ versus the younger set. To a lesser extent is inequality. The case for the former is growing, and notably too the number of investment groups that are discussing the topic. Unlike central bank accommodation and deleveraging post the financial crisis, this time…

    Giselle Roux | 18th Aug 2020 | More
    An Introduction to Inner Circles

    The Inside Network’s InnerCircles are designed to assist Australia’s leading IFAs, Instos and Investors overcome specific challenges and impart the knowledge each needs to gain competitive advantage. We are proud to be the destination of choice for members of the finance community seeking to improve their businesses and find innovative service providers via our InnerCircle…

    Giselle Roux | 18th Aug 2020 | More
    The teenager in your portfolio

    Currencies are the closest cousin to this age cohort in investment markets.

    Giselle Roux | 11th Aug 2020 | More
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