TCorp changes build on ‘total portfolio approach’

NSW Treasury Corporation, the state government’s $105 billion investment management offshoot, has commenced a restructure among its investment professionals, with 12 positions recently being advertised. The positions, which report up to previously announced heads of department, have been posted in

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NAB set to win big Qld fund business

NAB Asset Servicing is expected to be confirmed as the asset servicing partner of the combined LGIAsuper and Energy Super following competitive pitches between the incumbents of both funds. Thomas Murray was adviser to the new $20 billion fund. The

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Big investors still pumping gas for black stocks

Fossil fuel investments held by the world’s largest fiduciary funds – sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds – have risen to their highest level since 2011, according to a report by SWF Global. The State-Owned Investor (SOI) data collected

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How funds need to engage in future – EY

Last year’s early release scheme for super fund members was a major event for both members and their funds, according to a report by advisory firm EY. For many funds it was an opportunity, too, which was largely missed. The

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Fullgoal joins the 3PD fold for Australasian distribution

Fullgoal Asset Management, one of China’s first fund managers to attract offshore shareholders, is widening its international distribution base. It has joined with third-party marketing firm 3PD for Australasia. A subsidiary of Shanghai-based Fullgoal Fund, which was established in 1999

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Mantis Funds sprouts from its Dalton Street acorn

Mantis Funds, Australia’s latest multi-affiliate manager, launched last year by Timothy Cheung and Damien Hatfield, has strengthened its governance alongside its fund manager portfolio. Rodney Green, a founder of what is now known as Pacific Current Group, a pioneer in

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Insight puts practice to AA theories

Insight Investment has put the case for active asset allocation for investors over the market cycle, but especially now when both traditional defensive and growth assets are at troubling levels. In a webinar last week (February 25), Bruce Murphy, the

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How a couple of tweaks can help retirees in equities

Even a passive portfolio consisting entirely of Aussie equities can provide some of the defensive and yield-bearing characteristics that retirees usually need with a couple of smart-beta-type tilts. The latest short research note from Parametric, the implementation-focused manager, examines what

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Why 2030 is closer than you think

Michael Power, the high-profile head of strategy for global fund manager Ninety One – formerly Investec Asset Management – presided over a research project last year, called ‘The Road to 2030’. He now says: “2030 is closer than you think.”

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