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Greg Bright

Consulting Publisher

Greg has worked in financial services-related media for more than 30 years. He has launched dozens of financial titles, including Super Review, Top1000Funds.com and Investor Strategy News, of which he is the former editor.

Greg Bright results

Managers link arms to promote active strategies

A group of three big global managers has linked up to promote the benefits of active management in Australia and New Zealand, ahead of what is generally expected to be a sharemarket correction sometime soon. Active managers have been through a rough time in the past two years. In the inevitable downturn, they should shine…

Greg Bright | 23rd Feb 2020 | More
… How ESG ratings providers let the side down

An often-expressed criticism of the ESG investing space, mainly by institutional investors, is the lack of robust benchmarks and/or ratings from independent bodies. ESG investing is complex. A new study by Research Affiliates indicates just how much work the industry needs to do to improve accountability. The study by Dr Feifi Li and fellow researcher…

Greg Bright | 16th Feb 2020 | More
AMP Capital joins data analytics revolution

AMP Capital, a big funds manager, has enjoined the asset servicing sector of the industry in seeking out opportunities for enhanced returns and better efficiencies through data analytics. Perhaps ironically, it’s the chair of the hedge fund group AIMA Australia – Alistair Rew – who is leading AMP’s charge in the field. Rew normally tends…

Greg Bright | 16th Feb 2020 | More
ACSA traces evolution of custody: long and important

When Laurence Bailey, then head of Chase Manhattan (now J.P. Morgan) in Australasia, backed the embryonic Australian Custodial Services Association, formed by a former National Australia Bank asset services manager, John Gall, in 1996, he had some big aspirations. Gall was the first secretary of the nascent organisation and Bailey decided custodians deserved to make…

Greg Bright | 16th Feb 2020 | More
We need to modernise how we measure national wealth

I recently tried an experiment. I changed several light bulbs, and since one required a little rewiring, I sent my wife (also known as the majority shareholder) a bill for $110.50 (plus GST). In return, she sent me a bill of $457.98 for her preparation in late December of a sumptuous meal, plus her work managing all social connections associated with the holidays. 

Greg Bright | 22nd Jan 2020 | More
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