Mark Robertson, Emma Halley and Divyesh Bhana

Why ‘multi-strategy’ looks good in a toppy market

by Greg Bright It’s difficult for investment managers right now. Most equity markets are fully valued, as are fixed income markets. In the fixed income and credit markets, the outlook is challenging. How can you have negative interest rates? So,

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Tina Radovic

How to integrate ESG with fixed income strategies

For many super funds fixed income portfolios can be their poor cousins in terms of integrating hard-fought ESG principles. A recent study looks at how funds can go about amalgamating ESG and fixed income. John Streur, the chief executive of

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Augustin Landier

ESG enhances valuations – Paris academic study

When it comes to valuation, how ethical or not a firm is matters, according to an academic study by Augustin Landier, Professor of Finance at HEC Paris Business School, and his associates. People are prepared to pay more for an

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Tyler Cloherty

Private markets the big winner: Casey Quirk

Active long-only strategies will continue to drive revenues for a majority of fund managers around the world for the next five years, despite the continued encroachment by index managers and fee compression in several markets, such as Australia. But the

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Russell Mason

More growth, and growing pains, for super system

The size of the total super pie should hit $10.2 trillion within 20 years – by 2038 – compared with $2.7 trillion as at June 2018, according to modelling by consulting and actuarial firm Deloitte. In its annual review of

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David Sheasby

The link between long-termism and sustainability

Ahead of its launch of a proposed ‘Long-Term Investment Institute’, Martin Currie, the Edinburgh-based international equities house, has produced an interesting paper describing the strong link between long-termism and sustainability. There are differences in the two concepts, too. The paper, 

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