Israel’s can of worms for NZ Super and others

NZ Super’s guardians and management are used to their fair share of lobbying by special interest groups, but the latest, from an Israeli group on behalf of five of Israel’s banks, could have implications for all fiduciary investors. The Israeli

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Core value and niche growth for property

Melbourne-based property manager SG Hiscock hasn’t had a lot to celebrate of late, except perhaps its 20th anniversary. Like all good managers, it sees mainly opportunity in the troubles. For starters, founder Steve Hiscock told a zoom media meeting last

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Robo-advice lifts member contributions

Adopting a robo-advice platform will increase member contributions as well as investment-option performance, while improving diversification, according to a study of French savings plans. While the buzz surrounding its introduction just over 10 years ago has abated, an increasing body

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UBS on ‘Alts in the Asian Century’

Like all big investors, global asset managers have to have a view on China. Most also have a view on alternatives, even if seen only as competition to traditional investment management. Against this backdrop, UBS Asset Management held its inaugural

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Australian private capital surges

Private capital has shot away from the rest of the alternatives sector in the past few years and did well enough during the worst of the pandemic to support long-term growth predictions. A webinar organised by the Australian Investment Council,

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RIAA panel maps out climate reporting

The NZ Government will release climate risk scenario guidance for the financial and corporate sectors by year-end to support impending new carbon reporting standards. Alex White, Ministry for the Environment (MFE) sustainable finance team leader, told a funds industry gathering

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How covid-19 changed SWFs’ world: Preqin

Sovereign Wealth Funds are embracing more active roles in domestic economies and sustainability while building on relationships with the private capital industry, according to research by Preqin and Baker McKenzie. A study, ‘Sovereign Wealth Funds in Motion’, was published last week (June 2) by alternative assets

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Shining a light on FX market opacity

Karl O’Shaughnessy, former hedge fund manager and head of foreign exchange for NAB, has been battling his concerns about FX trading for more than 25 years. He is now advising institutional investors on how to improve their returns. O’Shaughnessy recently

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Real estate and infrastructure converging

“When it comes to both real estate and infrastructure there are a lot of things which are going to change,” says Kumar Kalyanakumar, the head of real assets in Australia for AXA Investment Managers. According to Kumar, covid-19 is a

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