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How quants have taken to the new hue

(pictured: Paul Moghtader) By Greg Bright In the evolution of funds management, coupled with the evolution of big super funds, quantitative investing has had its own twists and turns. Post-GFC, quants are enjoying a resurgence. They are blending investment styles to achieve an outcome. Paul Moghtader , Boston-based portfolio manager and head of a nine-person quant…

Investor Strategy News | 19th Jun 2016 | More
Weaven on fund admin, insourcing and globalisation

(pictured: Garry Weaven) Garry Weaven, chair of IFM Investors and founder of several service companies owned by industry funds, has said there are some big challenges facing funds. And member administration, once the “poor cousin” of super, is now in the front line. Speaking via a webinar organised by investment analyst and meetings organiser Stewart Oldfield…

Investor Strategy News | 13th Jun 2016 | More
  • The good and the bad about manager brand awareness

    A quant study of the value of funds manager brands among institutional investors shows a massive difference in flows between managers with high product and firm-wide brand awareness and those with low awareness. eVestment has published a list of the top five managers for brand awareness in each size category which, it says, may surprise….

    Investor Strategy News | 13th Jun 2016 | More
    Arnott lays it on the line with smart beta

    (pictured: Rob Arnott) By Greg Bright All super funds should subscribe, for free, to the Research Affiliates regular research notes, ‘Fundamentals’. Sure, they will try to steer you to their own smart-beta strategies. But Rob Arnott, the firm’s founder, sometimes even questions his own funds. Last week, he questioned “value” at current prices in smart…

    Investor Strategy News | 13th Jun 2016 | More
  • REST investment model under the spotlight

    (pictured: Damian Hill and Ken Marshman) By Greg Bright REST Industry Super is searching for a new general manager investments. It is not a chief investment officer role; it is a general manager investments role. The distinction is important and it is the main reason the role is currently being filled, pending a new person, by…

    Investor Strategy News | 5th Jun 2016 | More
    Smart beta shoots up insto pop charts – FTSE Russell

    The smart beta trend has hit warp speed, according to new research from index provider FTSE Russell, with interest from global institutional investors up more than 60 per cent over the past year. More than 70 per cent of asset owners are either “using or actively evaluating smart beta” the 2016 FTSE Russell smart beta…

    Investor Strategy News | 5th Jun 2016 | More
    Manager bright spots despite fee ‘intolerance’

    (pictured: Daniel Celeghin) By Greg Bright For future fee revenue for fund managers operating in the Asia Pacific region only one country matters – China. While Australia accounts for 16 per cent of the regional market it will pay only 10 per cent of the fees. But there are bright spots for certain managers. According to…

    Investor Strategy News | 29th May 2016 | More
    Insourcing and what it means for consultants

    (pictured: Fiona Trafford-Walker) The biggest challenge facing traditional asset consultants is the internalisation of investment management by big funds and the provision of advice inside the funds, according to Fiona Trafford-Walker, the director of consulting at Frontier Advisers. At the same time, the work of those consultants was getting broader. She addressed the Women in Super…

    Investor Strategy News | 29th May 2016 | More
    Illiquidity at a premium: research digs for solid evidence

    (pictured: Chris Redman) Investors have historically paid too much to access illiquid assets, a new study by global asset consultancy Willis Towers Watson (WTW) has found. And the liquidity premium varies considerably over time. In a just-published research paper, WTW says – based on its bespoke measure – the illiquidity risk premium (IRP) has been below…

    Investor Strategy News | 29th May 2016 | More
  • Funds get back to basics: chasing investment returns

    (pictured: David Braga) The search for investment returns and the current risks in markets have replaced the former major concerns about dealing with regulatory changes and cutting costs among those involved in investments and operations at both super funds and fund managers, according to the latest annual survey by BNP Paribas Securities Services. In a sense,…

    Investor Strategy News | 22nd May 2016 | More
    The old and new of indices: how they change behaviour

    (pictured: Kathryn McDonald) In the evolution of investment management, the lines between active and passive are becoming blurred. Indices no longer reflect “the market”, or not many of them do. Investors should be aware of the implications. Kathryn McDonald, director of investment strategy at AXA Rosenberg Investment management, gave an interesting series of presentations in Australia…

    Investor Strategy News | 22nd May 2016 | More
    The case to zig – not zag – with bond diversification

    (pictured: Cynthia Clemson) By Greg Bright J.K. Galbraith, the radical Canadian-American economist, called it “private affluence amid public squalor”. What he was referring to, in the 1960s, was the long slow decline of much of his adopted country’s infrastructure. Since the GFC, however, things are improving, thanks in part to the evolution of the municipal bond…

    Investor Strategy News | 8th May 2016 | More