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Employees get savvy about mentally healthy workplaces

There is a growing expectation from employees that their workplaces need to be “mentally healthy”, with most likely to leave if it is not, according to a survey for the annual ‘Work in Progress’ report by SuperFriend. The report measures the current state of mental health in Australian workplaces, rating organisations against 38 “desired state…

Investor Strategy News | 19th Feb 2017 | More
Private debt suits the tough times ahead

Private debt investing is not exactly new. It is, however, enjoying a renaissance around the world as market conditions and the changing appetites of institutional investors have combined to focus attention on the alternative asset class. Interest rates are rising, valuations are stretched and the demographic shift to retirement is demanding yield-providing investments as well…

Investor Strategy News | 12th Feb 2017 | More
  • BNZ new fund range hints at industry-wide revamp

    NAB’s New Zealand subsidiary BNZ has joined the post-Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMC) product renaissance with the launch of a new range of funds under its own banner. It is blending inhouse strategies from MLC and JANA with other external managers. And for the first time, too, BNZ will provide direct access for NZ investors…

    Investor Strategy News | 12th Feb 2017 | More
    Investor opportunities from companies’ changing role

    In a series of papers prepared with Harvard professor George Serafeim, Calvert Investment Management has studied how the changing role of the corporation in society is providing new investment opportunities. The broader role of, especially, global companies is affecting their stock market valuations. Calvert, a US$12 billion ESG-specialist US and global manager founded in the…

    Investor Strategy News | 5th Feb 2017 | More
  • BlackRock’s Larry Fink: a call to arms for long-termism

    Laurence (Larry) Fink, the founder, chairman and chief executive of BlackRock, by far the world’s largest asset manager, has used his annual letter to corporate CEOs to stir the pot about holding a long-term course in a technologically and politically disrupted world. Fink said that the vast majority of BalckRock’s clients were investing for long-term…

    Investor Strategy News | 29th Jan 2017 | More
    How to get the most out of franking credits

    The demographic shift leading demand for retirement products, the trend to factor investing strategies and questions over market-cap benchmarks are combining to raise awareness for the importance of franking credits. But it’s not as simple as it seems. A new paper from implementation manager Parametric, ‘A Fresh Look at Franking’, revisits earlier work which showed that…

    Investor Strategy News | 29th Jan 2017 | More
    Emerging markets tipped to weather Trump storm

    Lazard Asset Management is optimistic that emerging markets can weather the storm posed by the new Trump presidency and that the fundamental strength of their economies should outweigh the policy uncertainties of the new US Government. Hopefully. A new paper by the Lazard Asset Management emerging markets (EM) team, based in New York, which covers…

    Investor Strategy News | 22nd Jan 2017 | More
    Principal and agent problems in smart-beta investing

    Research Affiliates, the US-based proponent of new-style passive strategies such as ‘fundamental’ indexing, has produced a paper outlining how investors can overcome potential principal-agent issues. The paper, ‘How Not to Get Fired with Smart Beta Investing’, says that adopting longer evaluation periods for a manager’s assessment is one way to reduce these issues. Research Affiliates has…

    Investor Strategy News | 22nd Jan 2017 | More
    Blockchain ‘not over-hyped’ – Greenwich Associates

    It seemed to wane last year, at least in the media, but according to US research house Greenwich Associates blockchain technology is moving from ‘proof of concept’ to ‘production’. Kevin McPartland, the head of research for market structure and technology at Greenwich Associates, says in a paper published last week that “smart contracts” look to…

    Investor Strategy News | 22nd Jan 2017 | More
  • Smart money shifts away from listed, developed markets

    State Street Associates, the academic research arm of the big custodian bank and fund manager, has published two studies on the behaviour of sovereign wealth funds with asset allocation and their thinking behind a shift towards private markets. The asset allocation study shows a big move towards alternatives and unlisted investments and increased exposure to…

    Investor Strategy News | 14th Jan 2017 | More
    BlackRock ahead of consensus with bullish view

    Reflation has arrived along with broad economic recovery globally but consensus views on the outlook remain too cautious, according to BlackRock. Animal spirits are returning to the markets. The consensus numbers are further from BlackRock’s ‘Macro GPS’ forecasting model, which incorporates big data signals, than at any time since 2013, the BlackRock Investment Institute says…

    Investor Strategy News | 14th Jan 2017 | More
    Opportunities from high-yield bond market expansion

    The global high-yield bond market’s recent growth, particularly outside the US, is presenting active managers with a wider opportunity set for potential alpha and diversification, according to a research paper by specialists at Eaton Vance Investment Management. The paper, entitled ‘Capitalising on the Growth of the Global High-Yield Market’, says that non-US issuers of high-yield bonds…

    Investor Strategy News | 8th Jan 2017 | More
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