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Smart money shifts away from listed, developed markets

State Street Associates, the academic research arm of the big custodian bank and fund manager, has published two studies on the behaviour of sovereign wealth funds with asset allocation and their thinking behind a shift towards private markets. The asset allocation study shows a big move towards alternatives and unlisted investments and increased exposure to…

Investor Strategy News | 14th Jan 2017 | More
BlackRock ahead of consensus with bullish view

Reflation has arrived along with broad economic recovery globally but consensus views on the outlook remain too cautious, according to BlackRock. Animal spirits are returning to the markets. The consensus numbers are further from BlackRock’s ‘Macro GPS’ forecasting model, which incorporates big data signals, than at any time since 2013, the BlackRock Investment Institute says…

Investor Strategy News | 14th Jan 2017 | More
  • Opportunities from high-yield bond market expansion

    The global high-yield bond market’s recent growth, particularly outside the US, is presenting active managers with a wider opportunity set for potential alpha and diversification, according to a research paper by specialists at Eaton Vance Investment Management. The paper, entitled ‘Capitalising on the Growth of the Global High-Yield Market’, says that non-US issuers of high-yield bonds…

    Investor Strategy News | 8th Jan 2017 | More
    … as PIMCO re-assesses macro trends for credit markets

    PIMCO, the big US-based global bond manager, is de-risking its credit portfolios following a re-assessment of potential macro-economic trends ahead of the inauguration of Donald Trump as president later this month. In a research note written by Mark Kiesel, PIMCO’s CIO for global credit, the manager says that the potential for both left tail (higher…

    Investor Strategy News | 8th Jan 2017 | More
  • Impact investing surges 18% as a new asset class

    Fund managers and institutional investors which have been committed to impact investing in their portfolios lifted their exposures to the emerging asset class from US$25.4 billion to US$35.5 billion between 2013 and 2016. A report – ‘Impact Investing Trends: Evidence of a Growing Industry’ – published by the not-for-profit research and support group Global Impact…

    Investor Strategy News | 8th Jan 2017 | More
    Ramifications of the relentless pursuit of clicks

    By Greg Bright Exclusive stories about people losing their jobs dominated our readers’ selection of most-widely read news items during 2016. Unfortunately, job losses in the funds management industry are likely to remain a feature of the changing landscape in the coming year, and probably more.  This is our year in clicks. It’s a combination…

    Investor Strategy News | 17th Dec 2016 | More
    State Street study points to new field of work on motivations

    The funds management industry has known for a long time that human foibles – behavioural biases – can make or break an investment strategy. Now, however, State Street has put together a body of research which goes way beyond behavioral finance in the study of the human element to investments. After about 18 months of…

    Investor Strategy News | 11th Dec 2016 | More
    Devil in the detail with ASIC’s revised fee reporting

    Frontier Advisors is putting its new information technology system to good use with a special reporting service for funds to comply with ASIC’s revised ‘RG 97’. In a new study Frontier has presented the challenges for big super funds, noting disparities between for-profit and not-for-profit fund reporting. One thing is certain: compliance costs are about…

    Investor Strategy News | 4th Dec 2016 | More
    Behind the investor interest in after-tax management

    It is no surprise to Anthony Serhan, who has been studying the differences between pre-tax and after-tax management and reporting in the industry dating back more than 15 years, that there is currently a surge in interest by investors across the board. Serhan, a managing director and head of research strategy for Morningstar in Asia…

    Investor Strategy News | 4th Dec 2016 | More
  • After-tax investing and other ‘free lunches’: how to benefit

    By Greg Bright Believe it or not, there are a few free lunches in investment management – strategies which can deliver savings that are the equivalent of no-risk alpha. The biggest of these, the longest free lunch if you will, is after-tax management. Last week investors and managers spoke out on the issue. At roundtables…

    Investor Strategy News | 27th Nov 2016 | More
    Alt-control shift as wealth funds consider options

    After a five-year burst of portfolio realignment, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) have slowed their pace of change, according to new research. But they continue to increase exposure to alternatives. An International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) survey released earlier this month found the “significant shift” towards alternative assets initiated by members over the previous…

    Investor Strategy News | 27th Nov 2016 | More
    Big disparity in booming alternative beta products – bfinance

    (pictured: Kathryn Saklatvala) bfinance, the UK-based manager search and consulting business which set up shop in Australia this year, has proposed a redefinition of the alternative beta market, which it says has expanded by 30 per cent in just the past nine months. bfinance, which provides a different business model to that of the mainstream asset…

    Investor Strategy News | 20th Nov 2016 | More
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