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Investor Strategy News

Investor Strategy News results

SWFs invest differently in offshore private equity

An academic study of sovereign wealth funds shows that they behave differently from other institutional investors when investing in private equity. The study, by Sofia Johan of York University in Canada, April Knill of Florida State University in the US, and Nathan Mauck of the University of Missouri in the US, examined the investments of…

Investor Strategy News | 15th Dec 2012 | More
NAB takes Bartlett into custody

After a walk down memory lane, Patrick Liddy* meets the new boss of NAB Asset Servicing and is suitably impressed.  Level 34, 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne, is a floor coated in art and NAB history. Walking through it you get the feeling that the less powerful are compelled to whisper. I certainly did (whisper that…

Investor Strategy News | 9th Dec 2012 | More
Next year looking good for equity hedge funds

Big investors will increase their allocations to hedge funds next year – especially equity-orientated funds – and will be looking for small and new managers to take most of their money, according to a survey by US brokerage Concept Capital Markets. The survey, of 108 pension funds, endowments, funds of funds and family offices in…

Investor Strategy News | 9th Dec 2012 | More
The rise of the Asian multi-national: what it means for investors

The globalisation of Asian companies through M&A activity is tipped to rise, presenting opportunities and challenges for western companies and investors, according to a special report by Towers Watson. The report, ‘Asian Trailblazers’, shows that the number of Asian companies in the Global Fortune 500 universe has jumped from 122 (24 per cent) in 2006…

Investor Strategy News | 9th Dec 2012 | More
How funds are balancing the liquidity versus returns dilemma

Institutional investors are still concerned about liquidity within their portfolios and are adopting new approaches to modify their asset allocation, according to a paper by State Street. The paper, part of the firm’s Vision Series of thought leadership reports, says the continued volatility of markets has led to the identification of weaknesses in investment portfolios….

Investor Strategy News | 9th Dec 2012 | More
  • La Trobe ups the ante for CIO and COO awards

    Applications for the annual CIO and COO awards for fiduciary investors in Australia, such as super funds and multi-managers, are now open, it was announced last week by La Trobe Financial. The awards recognise the achievements of key executives managing retirement savings and aim to encourage them to further their education in the pursuit of…

    Investor Strategy News | 9th Dec 2012 | More
    Why Asia needs more liberalization and integration: Comment by Greg Bright

    If China opens up its financial system at the rate at least one big bank expects there will be extra pressure on regional neighbours to fast-track their proposed integration and liberalization plans or be left behind. The 10 member nations of ASEAN, which was formed in 1967, have been making some progress towards a type…

    Investor Strategy News | 2nd Dec 2012 | More
    A ‘big bang’ tipped for China’s financial services

    The new leaders of China are expected to “dismantle” the country’s multifarious capital controls, according to a research report from HSBC, called ‘China’s Big Bang’. The report, overseen by Qu Hongbin, HSBC’s chief economist for Greater China, focuses on a series of steps intended to remodel the financial landscape. The key forecasts are: liberalized interest…

    Investor Strategy News | 2nd Dec 2012 | More
    Equity or debt – as long as it’s distressed

    Distressed securities look like providing the best return, both in absolute and risk-adjusted terms, again this calendar year of the 12 categories of hedge fund investment styles measured by the EDHEC – Risk Institute. According to the research organization’s figures for periods ending October 31, the distressed securities category is a clear leader with 10.0…

    Investor Strategy News | 2nd Dec 2012 | More
    Audience of One spreads its wings outside US

    Advances in technology used by custodians is helping them to engage directly with members or unit holders on behalf of big funds, providing detailed investment positions, calculations and projections for individuals. JP Morgan’s ‘Audience of One’ program, which has been operating in the US since 2005, has had a positive impact on US pension plan…

    Investor Strategy News | 2nd Dec 2012 | More
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