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Investor Strategy News

Investor Strategy News results

… as a value manager takes a dim view of the China market

Notwithstanding a 60 per cent fall from its peak, the Chinese stock market still looks unattractive to a renowned US-based value manager who has been billed as “the new Benjamin Graham”. Vitaliy Katsenelson, the Russian-born CIO of Investment Management Associates Inc, believes the quality of information about Chinese stocks, the high proportion which are linked…

Investor Strategy News | 25th Nov 2012 | More
$40k target for CereCare at conference dinner

IO&C is hopeful of raising $US40,000 for the Shanghai-based CereCare charity for disabled children in China with a gala dinner at next April’s conference at the Hyatt on the Bund. A proportion of the funds will go to the supply of new wheel chairs and the remainder to contribute to the provision of a special…

Investor Strategy News | 25th Nov 2012 | More
Proposed changes for custodians on proxy voting

The influential Australian Council of Superannuation Investors, representing the country’s largest fiduciary investment funds, has recommended several regulatory reforms and changed market practices for custodians and others involved in proxy voting at meetings for listed companies. This follows a research project by ACSI which studied proxy votes by 23 big investors during 2011, involving 1,895…

Investor Strategy News | 25th Nov 2012 | More
New ASIC regulations may stifle innovation: Comment by Greg Bright

While regulators often speak of moving away from prescriptive rules-based regulation towards to a more holistic principles-based system, their actions usually seem the opposite. Take, for example, last week’s announcement increasing financial requirements for custodians operating in Australia. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission published on November 14 a consultation paper on proposed changes for…

Investor Strategy News | 18th Nov 2012 | More
How institutional investors differ: landmark State Street study

The differing concerns, fears and aspirations of institutional investors around the world have been starkly outlined in a landmark study by the State Street Centre for Applied Research. Chinese are more worried about transparency than performance. Australians, who are most concerned about performance, are more worried about their regulators but also distrust their service providers….

Investor Strategy News | 18th Nov 2012 | More
  • Battle lines drawn in performance measurement

    eVestment Alliance (eA) has thrown down the gauntlet to Mercer in the institutional performance information and fund ranking markets with the acquisition of two well-known hedge fund information businesses. eA has acquired PerTrac, one of the largest specialist hedge fund information firms, and Fundspire, a cloud-technology hedge fund analytics and performance data and tools provider….

    Investor Strategy News | 18th Nov 2012 | More
    US still on top in venture… but the good stuff is not getting the money

    Since the global financial crisis there has been a drying up of investing in not only venture capital but in the sort of venture capital which creates most jobs. But, if you look at the history of job-creating “big ideas”, which are venture backed, that is exactly what investors should be looking at right now….

    Investor Strategy News | 18th Nov 2012 | More
    Life after politics for Sherry also good news for FNZ, Citi

    Former Minister for Superannuation and Senate Select Committee member and chair, Nick Sherry, has picked up two non-executive roles in the industry, which already appear to be paying dividends, writes Patrick Liddy*: The platform provider FNZ made a shrewd investment when it appointed the ex Federal Minister, Nick Sherry, as its chairman. Citi was also…

    Investor Strategy News | 18th Nov 2012 | More
    China as an asset class: tempting, but not the best way to invest

    The exceptional economic growth of the Asian region, particularly that of China, compared with most of the rest of the world is prompting some institutional investors to canvass the possibility of considering the region, or even just China, as a separate asset class. They should be wary of taking such a path. Chris Condon, a…

    Investor Strategy News | 11th Nov 2012 | More
    FATCA talks drag on, but where’s China?

    The exemptions and detailed regulations surrounding the introduction of FATCA are unlikely to be resolved for several months, offering little comfort to custodians and other institutions, despite the postponed start date. The US Internal Revenue Service has announced that the impacted institutions have until January 2014 to put in place their reporting requirements under the…

    Investor Strategy News | 11th Nov 2012 | More
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