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Investor Strategy News

Investor Strategy News results

Regulations prompt a new type of investment

The trend for increased regulation and capital requirements, which is unlikely to be reversed anytime soon, has prompted the formation of a new type of institutional investment – a ‘regulatory capital fund’. The fund, managed by a privately owned funds management start-up, Regulatory Capital Management, is an Australian-domiciled wholesale trust open to super funds and…

Investor Strategy News | 11th Nov 2012 | More
Merging wealth management and investment banking in Asia

Asia is different from the West. Recent consolidation among investment banks, attempts to merge their activities with wealth management arms and disappointments among a plethora of expansionary Western institutions point to some of the fundamental differences. A recent report by Dr Arjuna Sittampalam, a research associate at the EDHC-Risk Institute, highlights some of the issues…

Investor Strategy News | 11th Nov 2012 | More
Chinese banks, funds focus on Luxembourg for European access

The “cluster effect” of Chinese financial services firms is benefitting Luxembourg as a hub for RMB-based investment in Europe, according to Nicolas Mackel, the country’s Consul General in Shanghai. He is part of a trade mission from Luxembourg to China late this month, which will include Prince Guillaume, Luxembourg’s Hereditary Grand Duke, and Etienne Schneider,…

Investor Strategy News | 11th Nov 2012 | More
China, India and Korea the best bets for funds – Russell

China’s slowdown has driven a region-wide decline in exports and Asian underperformance compared with global markets, according to the latest Russell Asia Market Commentary. The report notes that Asia ex-Japan has underperformed in Russell’s Global Developed index over the last 12 months. “Concerns on China’s slowdown and the impact of the economic downturn on Asia’s…

Investor Strategy News | 11th Nov 2012 | More
Telstra’s new platform fighting SMSF leakage

@cap: Christina Liosis Telstra Super, Australia’s largest remaining corporate fund, with more than $US 11 billion under management, has become the latest to introduce a new investment platform targeting members with high account balances. Like AustralianSuper early this year, Telstra has selected the combination of systems provider FNZ and broker UBS for the new platform…

Investor Strategy News | 4th Nov 2012 | More
  • Concerns over APRA’s look-through assets proposal

    A proposal by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority for large super funds to disclose all of their holdings, even those requiring a “look through” their units in trusts, has raised several concerns by custodians on behalf of their clients. While not being opposed to the proposal’s aim of greater transparency, in line with what is…

    Investor Strategy News | 3rd Nov 2012 | More
    Shock, horror: SWFs are political – study

    A study by two academics from the University of Verona, who looked at four years of information on sovereign wealth funds, have concluded that these institutional investors behave differently, often for political reasons, but only in the short term. In the medium-to-long term, SWFs invest in much the same way as the big pension funds…

    Investor Strategy News | 2nd Nov 2012 | More
    How ESG impacts on equities AND bond returns

    @cap: Matt Christensen Evidence is mounting that ESG factors are positively correlated with investment returns and, perhaps more surprisingly, it is not just at the stock selection level. Sovereign bonds are also impacted by ESG factors at the country level. New evidence is being presented by AXA Investment Managers throughout the region, as the diversified…

    Investor Strategy News | 1st Nov 2012 | More
    Big funds fear another shock but are slow to prepare for it

    Pension funds and other institutional investors are slow to adopt new asset allocation strategies even though a clear majority fear another ‘tail risk’ event will occur in the next 12 months. A survey of 310 large European and US-based investors, commissioned by State Street Global Advisors and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, found that…

    Investor Strategy News | 31st Oct 2012 | More
    Big data helps funds address an ‘audience of one’

    ‘Big data’ sounds like another self-serving term from the IT department in their life-long quest for more funding. But, dig deeper and it’s worthwhile for even the luddites amongst us to consider the possibilities from the latest major technological trend. JP Morgan Worldwide Securities Services, which holds an annual “technology summit”, discussed the topic of…

    Investor Strategy News | 30th Oct 2012 | More
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