Biden bill a boon for listed infrastructure

It’s all coming up roses for the asset class, which is set to benefit from rising inflation and global spending programs. A boom delayed is still a boom. The delta variant stymied reopening plans and the fiscal stimulus expected to

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Mega funds start mopping up

The trend towards super consolidation is continuing apace, but there will be fewer mega mergers. It’s now just a matter of mopping up. Mega fund mergers are likely to slow as boards realise the “significant transition planning and integration activity”

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Big super becomes the underdog

They might be behemoths at home, but Australia’s biggest super funds will be on the backfoot as they scour the globe for investment opportunities. NAB’s biennial FX Hedging survey is not only a good insight into super fund hedging strategies,

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After Sydney Airport, listed infra takes flight

The backyard keeps shrinking. And as another big asset disappears from the public market, Australian listed infrastructure investors will have few options but to look abroad for their exposure. The sale of Sydney Airport has generated plenty of headlines about

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How Elmslie and Langley built RARE (and an asset class)

When Richard Elmslie and Nick Langley started RARE, listed infrastructure “didn’t exist”. They hit the ground running – but that doesn’t mean there weren’t speedbumps. “We started with no revenue and no people – it was an idea,” says Richard

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Tiger Cub prowls the peaks

With markets as frothy as they are, you need to find the misfits – and play your cards close to the chest. It helps to be away from the pack. It often takes an outsider to reveal the idiosyncrasies of

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‘Financial repression’ rises from the ashes

Tomorrow is starting to look a lot like yesterday, with policymakers leveraging lessons from post-war Europe to solve the new problems barrelling towards us. Free market thinkers will likely chafe. “Financial repression” is the institutional constraints on interest rates designed

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Big investors demand more, more, more

An investor wish list shows how much we’re getting wrong. But it’s a long road to getting things right. One on one, big investors are usually loathe to suggest that governments could be doing more on decarbonisation, regardless of how

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Truth, consequences, and insider trading

The accusations of insider trading hurled at Australia’s big super funds are explosive in nature – and pose something of a headscratcher. Regardless of their weight, reputations are at stake. The revelations made by ASIC on Wednesday last week (October

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