Ruffer runs against the bulls

A profound shift in the investment environment demands a revolution – not an evolution – in thinking, according to Ruffer. It might be the only way to defy gravity. The analogy that Ruffer uses for investor behaviour over the last

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APRA fires latest salvo in super wars

A significant chunk of super fund advertising could now be on ice, with APRA finding that marketing expenditure could not be shown to have improved members’ financial position. As stapling puts a nail in the coffin of default distribution, many

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Net-zero go slow frustrates funds

It’s probably too early to pick the winners in the transition to net-zero. But the lack of a solid plan at the Federal level is making things even more complicated. The interest in renewable energy has grown substantially over the

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Future Fund not the future of default super: ISA

Australia’s industry funds have launched a full-throated defence of their sector as the national default fund debate heats up. Politics and performance are both at stake. The idea of a national default fund is a bold one, and has been

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Why big super is doing infrastructure wrong

The money that industry super funds are spending on buying renewables would be better spent building them, according to Quinbrook. But there’s plenty of challengers for that view. The fresh interest in renewable infrastructure from industry funds has come with

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Why the future of disruption is ‘weightless’

The new players in any market are smaller, faster, and (sometimes) better. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be dragged back down to the earth. Disruption is hard to take. It’s not for no reason that Luddites smashed up textile

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Playing chess with One China Inc.

In China, merchants have historically sat below poets in the social pecking order. Understanding why is the key to understanding the crackdown. China’s apparently punitive crackdown on its powerhouse fintechs is nothing new. “Look at the historical hierarchy of China;

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Ex-Pengana crew go ‘all in’ at Pella

Pengana’s star international equities team have built their new home from the ground up, drawing on a history of weathering global crises to prepare for the climate upheaval sweeping markets. Six months before the collapse of Lehman Brothers sent markets

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TCFD sees the power of a ‘virtuous circle’

Investor demand for climate disclosure is at an “all-time high” – and rising. But disclosure is only half the battle. It can sometimes be hard to remember that climate change action was once solely the domain of activist groups rather

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Confusion and conflict in climate equities

Climate risk has “never been higher on investors’ agendas” – but the strategies they use to combat itoften have conflicting features. Lack of data only compounds the problem. Martha Brindle, director of equities in bfinance’s public markets team and Sarita

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