Why 2030 is closer than you think

Michael Power, the high-profile head of strategy for global fund manager Ninety One – formerly Investec Asset Management – presided over a research project last year, called ‘The Road to 2030’. He now says: “2030 is closer than you think.”

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Front-to-back outsourcing transforms funds management

The major asset servicing firms are widening their field of vision and have, for the most part, become front-to-back-office providers, as middle-office outsourcing becomes ubiquitous for big investors and managers. It is a development which has taken place concurrently with

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Surge in manager searches as COVID lingers

Super funds and other asset owners are adapting to the lingering impact of the pandemic through a big jump in manager searches, according to the latest quarterly report from bfinance. The global fund search and advisory firm has reported a

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The state of the pension fund world

The world’s major pension systems enjoyed their strongest year, last year, for growth compared to GDP, since 1998. The bad news, of course, is that the average 11.2 per cent rise for many countries this helped by stalling or falling

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Passive police: why US index-trackers need oversight

Index providers should face the same regulatory hurdles as investment managers, a new US legal paper argues. In the US, plain-vanilla indexers are regarded as information ‘publishers’. The University of Virginia School of Law (UVS) report says most index providers

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For managers: you can get fired over ESG too

One in five Australian institutional investors has terminated a fund manager where ESG factors have been a “primary or major factor” in the decision, according to a survey by bfinance, the global research and institutional advisory business. A further 41

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APRA must improve merger process if it wants more

If APRA wants to continue to encourage super fund mergers the regulator needs to make some changes to how it goes about its approvals process, according to one chief executive who is going through the process of having a successor

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… as Amundi launches ESG ‘improvers’ strategies

Amundi Asset Management, Europe’s largest fund manager, has launched two strategies to build on its ESG-related offerings, a European equities and US equities fund, both of which focus on companies which are improving their ESG credentials. The three points of

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Problems with lifecycle strategies require a rethink

Lifecycle strategies have some problems. One, is how they compare their performance. Two, is how they explain their asset allocation. And three is whether they really fit APRA’s regulatory definition for a MySuper default fund. Alex Dunnin, the executive director

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