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Franklin Templeton Fixed Income ESG Engagement Report

Transparency should be the bedrock of sustainable finance.
Deeper Thought

With this report Franklin Templeton Fixed Income team shares with our clients, and the broader public, details and results of our engagement with bond issuers during the calendar year of 2022. This resonates well with our position that engagement is the essence of a transparent flow of information between the issuers, the investors and other market participants.

Facing the growing complexity of the sustainable finance sector, which is driven by a dynamic regulatory landscape and social expectations, we believe all participants within the financial makets should clearly communicate their goals and strategies of implementation.

In this spirit, we engaged with over 300 sovereign and corporate issuers, as well as other market participants (e.g., investment banks), to better understand each other’s

  • interests, ambitions, and risks. While the scope of this report is global, the new package of European legislation, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Level 2 rules, led those discussions.

    With this report, we would like to demonstrate to our clients and other stakeholders that Principle Adverse Impact Indicators and Sustainable Investments are at the core of our ESG funds. Through our engagements we are committing to the development of a sustainable finance ecosystem that delivers the best results for everyone.

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