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Growing debt wave shifts sovereign risk assessment: Franklin Templeton

Rising interest rates and changing demographics are driving increasing polarisation between countries that can easily issue and refinance debt and those that can’t, with major implications for sovereign debt investors, says Franklin Templeton Institute’s Kim Catechis.

Lisa Uhlman | 21st Jul 2023 | More
Franklin Templeton Fixed Income ESG Engagement Report

Transparency should be the bedrock of sustainable finance.

David Zahn | 16th Mar 2023 | More
Midyear Outlook: Income arrives in many shapes and sizes

Income arrives in many shapes and sizes   The first half of 2022 has been challenging for investors across all asset classes, and the uncertainties plaguing markets remain-particularly with regard to inflation, interest rates and the possibility of recession.  Stephen Dover, Chief Market Strategist, Franklin Templeton Investment Institute says: “As we look toward the second…

Stephen Dover | 28th Jul 2022 | More
  • Opportunity for non-US investment in taxable US municipal bonds 

    An allocation to municipal bonds by non-US investors may provide a high quality and differentiated fixed income exposure to a portfolio. With an increase in issuance and market size, investors outside the United States are expanding their search for yield to a hitherto unexpected place: US municipal bonds. US municipal bonds offer generally higher nominal…

    Investor Strategy News | 4th Jul 2022 | More
    Food innovation: Investing to feed our future

    I am not an expert on climate change. Therefore, I will leave it to those experts and environmental, social and governance (ESG) specialists to talk in detail about the impacts of climate change on our food system and which government policies are required to address or decrease impacts. I am looking at the future of…

    Investor Strategy News | 17th Jun 2022 | More
    Allspring set for Australasian assault

    Allspring Global Investments has launched an expansion into Australia and New Zealand led by new regional chief executive, Andy Sowerby. If history is a guide, the rollout of institutional funds management capabilities will be rapid. Sowerby, like Joe Sullivan, Allspring’s chairman and CEO, hails from Legg Mason, where he was the Melbourne-based regional head prior…

    Greg Bright | 17th Mar 2022 | More
  • Pessimism and optimism swirl in deep water waves

    Kim Catechis says he was not pessimistic when he wrote ‘Deep Water Waves’, his first major strategy report for investors through the Franklin Templeton Investment Institute. The report, published in August, sparked a series of discussions within and outside the Franklin Templeton group. If one of these is a guide, from an investor webinar held…

    Greg Bright | 8th Oct 2021 | More
    Martin Currie launches stewardship institute

    Martin Currie has launched an inhouse institute to broaden research and the exploration of ideas around asset management stewardship. Super funds and other clients will have input into the topics studied. The global equities manager, a subsidiary of Franklin Templeton, has about US$22 billion (A$28.5 billion) under management across various products, including a big Australian…

    Greg Bright | 18th Jun 2021 | More
  • Longreach branches out along income theme

    Longreach Alternatives, a multi-affiliate manager started by Sam Mann in late 2016, has added to its range of boutique offerings with the launch of a fisheries quota firm. A common theme for the range is “sustainable income”. Mann, best known for setting up and running for nearly 10 years the K2 Advisors hedge fund business…

    Greg Bright | 26th Mar 2021 | More