Michael Gallagher

Hedge fund managers get behind ESG

Hedge fund managers are increasingly putting their assets to work in the ESG space, with more than 10 per cent, according to a global survey by the Alternative Investment Management Association, allocated to such strategies. The survey coincides with new

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Mike Aked and Tom Lee

Hedge funds 2.0: systematic strategies deliver for new world

by Greg Bright With a big question mark over both equities and bonds because of their valuations, institutional investors have been seeking, for some time, to further diversify their portfolios with uncorrelated assets. Increasingly, they are combining several trends to

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David Murray

David Murray as AMP chair: are they kidding?

Comment by Greg Bright There has been lots of talk about AMP within the funds management and advisory sectors of the industry in recent weeks. Everyone, including insiders, has a story or two and has heard many more. Who was

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Chris Cuesta and Steve Hall

US and international micro caps: how funds can benefit

What Australians call ‘micro caps’, of course, are not what the Americans call them. Ours are not only a lot smaller, they have different risk/return characteristics. Brookvine, an Australian manager and packager of investment strategies, is about to round out

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Richard Wilson

ESG and SDGs – a new way for investors to map progress

BMO Global Asset Management, which has long been an active ESG-orientated manager, has shown in its latest annual ‘Responsible Investment Review’ how the growing acceptance of ‘sustainable development goals’ (SDGs) can be mapped to allow greater understanding of a portfolio’s

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Morningstar’s latest view: stick with cash

The Morningstar quarterly view of asset classes, published last week, emphasises the over-valuation of most equities and bond markets, including Australia’s. Despite a few minor pockets of value, the big research house has gone longer to cash in its own

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